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AES is not a lender but a loan servicer. To service student loans nationwide, it was established by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), a public corporation created by the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 1963. Millions of student loan borrowers have their accounts managed by AES as a student loan servicer.

Using the funds generated by its loan servicing business, PHEAA can cover its operating costs and fund student financial aid programs. The Pennsylvania State Grant program received $15 million from PHEAA in 2022.

Key points about American Education Services:

  • Federal Student Loan Servicer:
  • AES is one of several loan servicers authorized by the U.S. Department of Education to manage federal student loans. These loans may include Direct Loans, Stafford Loans, and other types of federal student aid.
  • Loan Repayment Assistance:
  • AES assists borrowers in managing their loan repayment by offering various resources, including online account management, customer service support, and information about different repayment plans.
  • Consolidation Services:
  • AES provides services for federal loan consolidation, allowing borrowers to combine multiple federal student loans into a single Direct Consolidation Loan. This can simplify repayment by creating a single monthly payment.
  • Customer Service:
  • Borrowers with federal student loans serviced by AES can contact the company for assistance with questions, concerns, or issues related to their loans. This includes inquiries about repayment options, deferment, forbearance, and other aspects of loan management.
  • Online Portal:
  • AES offers an online portal where borrowers can access their loan information, make payments, and explore available resources.

Types of Student Loans That AES Services

American Education Services (AES) primarily services federal student loans. These loans are part of the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. Here are the main types of federal student loans that AES may service:

  • Direct Subsidized Loans:
  • These loans are available to undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. The government pays the interest on these loans while the borrower is in school, during the grace period, and deferment.
  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans:
  • These loans are available to undergraduate and graduate students, and there is no requirement to demonstrate financial need. Borrowers are responsible for the interest, which accrues during all periods.
  • Direct PLUS Loans:
  • These loans are available to graduate or professional students and parents of dependent undergraduate students. PLUS loans help cover education expenses not covered by other financial aid. Interest is charged during all periods.
  • Direct Consolidation Loans:
  • Borrowers with multiple federal student loans can consolidate them into a single Direct Consolidation Loan through a program offered by the U.S. Department of Education. This can simplify repayment by combining multiple loans into one loan with a single monthly payment.

AES currently only services private loans and loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). AES doesn’t service the FFELP loans administered by the U.S. Department of Education, nor do other federal loans go through AES.

There are many lenders that AES services, including major financial institutions, banks, and smaller credit unions, such as:

  • Corporation for Alaska Student Loans
  • Student loans from Brazos
  • Loans for education (ELFI)
  • Investing
  • MEFA is the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority
  • Bank of America PNC
  • Credit Union at University

How To Contact American Education Services:

American Education Services (AES) primarily handles federal student loans. To contact AES, you can follow these general steps:

Visit the Official Website:

Go to the official website of American Education Services.American Education

Login to Your Account:

If you have an account with AES, log in to your account. If you still need to, you may need to create one.

Contact Information:

Look for the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” section on the website. This section usually provides contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses.

Phone Contact:

Typically, there are specific phone numbers for different types of inquiries. Find the appropriate phone number related to your issue and call their customer service.

Email Contact:

You can email them with your questions or concerns if there’s an email option.

Mail Contact:

Some services may also provide a mailing address if you prefer to communicate via traditional mail.

Social Media:

Check if AES has official social media accounts. Companies often use platforms like Twitter or Facebook to address customer inquiries.

Visit a Local Office:

In some cases, AES may have physical offices. You can check for an office near your location and visit in person.

Online Help Center:

Explore the online help centre or FAQ section on their website. Many common questions are answered there, and you might find a solution without directly contacting them.

Remember that the contact information and procedures may change, so it’s always a good idea to check the most recent information on their official website or contact them through the means provided. If you’re dealing with private student loans, you may need to contact the lender directly rather than AES.

Is it best to consolidate student loans?

Whether it’s best to consolidate student loans depends on your financial situation, goals, and the types of loans you have. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to consolidate your student loans:

Simplify Payments:

Consolidating loans can simplify your repayment by combining multiple loans into a single loan. It means you’ll make one monthly payment instead of multiple payments to different lenders.

Lower Monthly Payments:

Consolidation may extend your repayment term, resulting in lower monthly payments. It can be helpful if you’re facing financial difficulties, but remember that extending the repayment period may increase the total interest paid over time.

Fixed Interest Rate:

Federal Direct Consolidation Loans have a fixed interest rate, which means your interest rate won’t change over the life of the loan. This can provide stability compared to variable interest rates on some existing loans.

Access to Income-Driven Repayment Plans:

If you consolidate federal loans, you may be eligible for income-driven repayment plans, which cap your monthly payments based on your income and family size. It can be particularly beneficial if you need help to make standard payments.

Loss of Benefits:

Consolidating may cause you to lose certain benefits associated with your original loans, such as interest rate discounts, principal rebates, or loan cancellation benefits. It’s important to carefully review the terms of your existing loans before consolidating.

Interest Rate Considerations:

If you have variable interest rates on your existing loans and expect interest rates to rise, consolidating to a fixed-rate loan may protect against future rate increases. However, consolidating might be less advantageous if you have fixed-rate loans with pleasurable terms. Read More.


What Financial Aid Programs Does American Education Services Offer?

American education services provide various financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, and loans. Explore these avenues to determine the best fit for your academic journey.

How Can Students Effectively Manage Their Loans?

Navigate the complexities of loan management with insights from American education services. Learn about repayment plans, consolidation options, and strategies for a financially secure future.

What Role Does Technology Play in Education Services?

Discover the transformative impact of technology on education services. From online learning platforms to interactive resources, American education services embrace innovations for an enhanced learning experience.

How Does Career Counseling Contribute to Academic Success?

Uncover the significance of career counselling in shaping your academic journey. American education services offer valuable guidance, ensuring students make informed decisions about their professional paths.

What Support Services Are Available for Diverse Learners?

American education services prioritize inclusivity, offering support services for diverse learners. Explore resources catering to individuals with learning disabilities, language barriers, and other unique needs.

How Does American Education Services Foster Inclusive Higher Education?

Delve into initiatives promoting inclusivity in higher education. American education services champion equal opportunities, creating an educational environment that values diversity and individual strengths.


American education services are pillars of support for those navigating the educational landscape. From financial aid to inclusive initiatives, these services pave the way for a diverse and thriving academic community. Embrace the opportunities they offer and embark on a journey of knowledge and growth.

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